Case Study: US-Brazilian Enterprise


Trans­lated cre­ative vision into a solid busi­ness model.

Chal­lenge: Trans­lated cre­ative vision into a solid busi­ness model.
A promis­ing joint US-Brazilian enterprise’s nascent con­cept needed a clear focus. The ini­tial con­cept was to use the Inter­net to rev­o­lu­tion­ize the dis­tri­b­u­tion of Afro Brazil­ian culture/music. The orig­i­nal vision was to build a pro­fes­sional Internet-based des­ti­na­tion where com­posers, musi­cians and busi­nesses could directly buy and sell sheet music.

Action: Com­pleted a diag­nos­tic eval­u­a­tion (Eco­nomic, S.W.O.T., and M.O.S.T. analy­sis) of the con­cept to define nec­es­sary capa­bil­i­ties, the mar­ket poten­tial, cus­tomer needs, and real­is­tic ven­ture goals. The eval­u­a­tion clearly showed that the concept’s linch­pin was the com­plete­ness of the prod­uct library. Addi­tion­ally, there were estab­lished retail pres­ences that could be used as the final point of dis­tri­b­u­tion. The suc­cess­ful estab­lish­ment of a sub­stan­tial repos­i­tory of artis­tic work could only be accom­plished if the con­fi­dence of the cre­ative com­mu­nity was earned. These fac­tors clearly high­lighted that the venture’s strate­gic focus needed to be con­cen­trated on fill­ing the miss­ing link within the dis­tri­b­u­tion chain – that of a marketing/ dis­tri­b­u­tion agency for copy­right holders.


  • Cre­ated a stronger busi­ness model that inte­grated tech­nol­ogy and tra­di­tional dis­tri­b­u­tion meth­ods to access sup­pli­ers, make sales, and ful­fill orders.
  • Increased Return on Invest­ment (ROI) poten­tial and reduced risk by low­er­ing invest­ment requirement.
  • Estab­lished proper cor­po­rate struc­ture pro­tect­ing both the Brazil­ian and US partners.
  • Estab­lished key part­ner­ships and strate­gic relationships.