5 Fav Business and Strategy Post #32


While I never going into depth about the finds, I do encour­age you check them out if they sound interesting. 

Nielsen: PCs, eread­ers are tak­ing the back­seat to tablets
It should come as no sur­prise that a recent Neil­son study showed that tablets are pulling con­sumers away from desk­top PCs, but did you know that it is also tak­ing a big bite out of lap­tops, e-readers and portable media play­ers as well? Amaz­ingly the device cat­e­gories that showed the largest usage gains after tablet own­er­ship, con­nected inter­net tv (21%) and portable gam­ing con­sole (26%), had respec­tively only a 1% and 3% attri­tion rate (stopped using because of tablet ownership).

Here are the other four. If you want my take on them visit my main blog at DonaldMcMicheal.com

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