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While I never going into depth about the finds, I do encour­age you check them out if they sound interesting. 


The Strug­gle for the Right “Busi­ness Model”: Dis­trac­tion or Imper­a­tive for Cre­at­ing and Sus­tain­ing the Business?

The essence of a busi­ness model is that it defines the man­ner by which a busi­ness deliv­ers value, entices pay­ment for the value, and ulti­mately con­verts those pay­ments to profit. It all starts with a hypoth­e­sis about what a par­tic­u­lar mar­ket needs/wants but is quickly con­verted to an actu­al­ity, not nec­es­sar­ily the one orig­i­nally envi­sioned, when it hits the light of real­ity. The ques­tion put forth in this post is:

  • Is real-world ver­i­fied infor­ma­tion best incor­po­rated into going con­cerns via strat­egy adjust­ments or busi­ness model innovation? 
  • Or, bet­ter yet are busi­ness model inno­va­tion and strat­egy development/application one in the same at the oper­at­ing level?


The Tele­vi­sion of Tomorrow

Have you ever noticed that “TV is the only medium touched by the Web that isn’t crushed by it – it rolls it in” says Kevin Roberts in this Blog­ging Inno­va­tion post. I attribute this to the fact that lean-back and lean-forward are after all not mutu­ally exclu­sive. This started com­ing to light in the late 1990s while I was at Show­time. Show­time, and other tele­vised enter­tain­ment research, showed that the early adopters uti­lized both dur­ing their leisure time. At that time no one envi­sioned the blur­ring of the bound­aries that are pointed in this post. I guess we best get back to rework­ing the busi­ness mod­els… or is it strategy?


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