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While I never going into depth about the finds, I do encour­age you check them out if they sound interesting. 

NYT Pay­wall, Huffpo Law­suit – Symp­toms of the same misconception

In this post about sur­viv­abil­ity of the New York Time’s (NYT) pay­wall Chris Saad comes at it from a unique angle. In almost all of the cases laid out, both pro and con, the core premise was that peo­ple – that’s you and I – are inter­ested in and derive value from the con­tent. We Chris’ posi­tion is that peo­ple have his­tor­i­cally paid for the medium not the con­tent. This was so because peo­ple per­ceived the medium to be scarce, a lim­ited resource. The point is that we live in a world of abun­dance where dig­i­tal space is vir­tu­ally infinite. 

Scarcity now is on the con­sump­tion side – con­tent providers have to fight for atten­tion. A total flip in the pre­vail­ing par­a­digm on the last 100 years.

If true, it’s kind of a King has no clothes moment for many media and enter­tain­ment concerns.

I’m still of the school that con­tent does mat­ter. The ques­tion that I’m cur­rently pon­der­ing is: ‘What’s the right bal­ance of inter­est­ing con­tent and deliv­ery vehi­cle (expe­ri­ence) that dri­ves the high­est finan­cial return?’

What do you think?

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