5 Fav Business and Strategy Insights #33


Fam­ily, a rev­e­la­tion hit me this week about this blog series. The base premise has been that I would high­light the five most inter­est­ing post that I read dur­ing the week. I have always focused on posts that were deliv­ered dur­ing the past seven days, but what if I read for the first time an inter­est post that was crafted out­side of that week period? Bet­ter yet, why am I arti­fi­cially lim­it­ing myself to blog posts? 

The pur­pose of this vehi­cle is to present rel­e­vant insights that help pro­pel our busi­ness knowl­edge and under­stand­ing for­ward. Want an exam­ple of what I mean? Check­out this week’s first of five.

That’s why I’m chang­ing out ‘Posts’ in the title name to ‘Insights’. It bet­ter fits how we need to think in this cross-platform envi­ron­ment. As always, I’ll never going into depth about the finds, so I encour­age you check them out if they sound interesting. 

Look­ing for the Change

This week’s first item of inter­est is episode 2: ‘Look­ing for the Change’ of the WHAT THE FUTURE (WTF) Tele­vi­sion series that comes to us cour­te­ously of CNBC World. It focuses on MPESA (Mobile PESA), the African mobile pay­ments sys­tem that is lead­ing the world. With 11,000 new cell phone signups a day it is def­i­nitely a trend to watch.

This week’s other inter­ests are:

  • 21 prin­ci­ples for inno­vat­ing in the real world from IDEO’s Diego Rodriguez
  • Am I Allowed? Nilofer Mer­chant on Innovation
  • Social Media. Lis­ten. Learn. Respond. Repeat.
  • Mak­ing Net­work­ing Effec­tive — Your Tim­ing is Everything

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